Zero Suit Samus 3DS


The Zero Suit is a skintight full-body jumpsuit worn by Samus Aran underneath her Power Suit, and appears after many recent Metroid game endings, and in some parts of the games.

Class: Infiltrator

Gains Combat Reflexes when attacking or attacked by Tacticians. Counters attacks and makes attacks Stealthy.


Balanced - immune to Off-Balance
Acrobatic - chance to dodge and counter attacks, including ground ones. This causes Weakened and Dizzy.


L1 - Brawl
Unarmed Melee
6 hits
One Enemy
(Special) Exploits Combos - does extra damage to enemies with Combo Setup
(enemy) Combo Setup - next unarmed attack against this target does extra damage
(enemy) Pain Train - causes Pain. Applies Exposed to targets with pain. Applies Wide-Open to targets with exposed.

L2 - Paralyzer Gun
Ranged Electric Gun Energy
One Enemy
(special) Guaranteed Hit
(enemy) Opportunist - causes either Staggered, Cornered, Impaired, Neutralized, Winded, Off-Balance, or Exhausted.
(60% enemy) Stun - loses next turn.
(all allies) Focused - accuracy increased by 25%
(all allies) Perfect Shot - next ranged attack does extra damage

L6 - Plasma Whip
Ranged Electric
One Enemy
(special) High Crits - high chance to crit
(special) Exploits Exposure - does more damage to exposed targets
(enemy) Flanked - single-target attacks against this target provide a follow-up attack
(enemy) Static Charge - nearby electric attacks may chain to this target, causing extra damage.

L9 - Starship Laser
Ranged Gun Summon Energy Tech
One Enemy
8 hits
(special) Summon Attack - cannot be countered
(special) Deadly Crits - does extra damage on critical hits
(special) Hyperfocused - does extra damage on critical hits
(enemy) Lock-On - takes extra damage from ranged attacks
(enemy) Radiation Exposure - takes damage each turn. Vulnerable to energy attacks.

Team-Up Bonuses

Average Joes
Far Far Away
Whip it good

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