Name: Steve of Mineland (or just Steve)

Steve of Mineland

Type: Genralist Stats: Hp: 2/5 Stam: 2/5 Att: 3/5 def: 2/5 Acc: 2/5 Evas: 3/5

Passive1: Cheat Codes: does the same thing as Domino

Passive2: Game Modes: Changes Modes at random on his turn

Game Mode1: Survival: The everyday regular turn

Game Mode2: Creative: Steve can not take damage this is removed if Steve attacks

Game Mode3: Hardcore: everyone in the field of battle deals extra damage

Move1: Stone sword
Stone Sword

Stone Sword

Injures: weakest: 50 strongest: 75 crit: 125

Buffs: Na

Debuffs: oppotunist

Stam: 50




Move2: Bow'n'Arrows

Injures: weakest: 25 strongest: 50 Crit: 75

Buffs: Na

Debuffs: Pin cushion, Ravaged, Bleeding x2

Stam: 100

Cooldown: Na

Move3: Watermelon


Injures: Na

Buffs: Heal 1 ally 50% max Health and Stamina

Debuffs: Na

Stam: 200

Cooldown: 2 rounds

Move4: Diamond Sword
Diamond Sword

Diamond Sword

Injures: Weakest: 100 Strongest: 250 Crit: 350

Buffs: Ignore Defense, Guaranteed Hit

Debuffs: Flanked

Stam: 150

Cooldown: 1 Round