Splash Woman is one of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 9 whose period of use had expired and was scheduled to be scrapped. She is a robot that was designed to rescue victims of sinking ships and beach accidents. She is fond of karaoke bars so she can show off her singing voice. Splash Woman attacks by singing to call fish and using her weapon, the Laser Trident.

Class: Infiltrator

Gains Combat Reflexes when attacking or being attacked by Tacticians. Counters attacks and makes attacks Stealthy. Vulnerable to Scrappers. 

Splash Woman's battle sprite


Flying - immune to ground attacks

Robot Master - immune to Bleeding, Posion, Bio attacks, and Fried Circuits

Water Power - immune to Burning. Water attacks heal Splash Woman instead of harming her. Chance to deal additional water damage as a follow-up or counter attack, causing Waterlogged.


Level 1 - Laser Trident

  • Ranged Energy
  • One Enemy
  • (special) Ignore defense - ignores both defense and shields
  • (special) High Crits - high chance to crit
  • (enemy) Lock-On - taking extra damage from Ranged attacks

Level 2 - Trident Thrust

  • Slashing Melee
  • One Enemy
  • (special) Adamantium - ignores the defense stat, but not shields
  • (special) Hemorrhaging attack - causes all applications of Bleeding to trigger
  • (enemy) Tenderized - taking extra damage from Slashing attacks
  • (enemy) Bleeding - takes damage each turn and when attacking

Level 6 - Sleep With The Fishes

  • Summon Unarmed Melee
  • One Enemy
  • 7 hits
  • (special) Summon Attack - does not trigger counter or retaliation abilities.
  • (enemy) Flanked - single-target attacks against this target provide a follow-up attack
  • (enemy) Cornered - cannot protect allies
  • (enemy) Combo Setup - next unarmed attack against this target causes extra damage

Level 9 - Swift Swim

  • Unarmed Melee
  • One Enemy
  • 2 round cooldown
  • (special) Exploits Combos - does more damage to enemies with Combo Setup
  • (special) Deadly Crits - does extra damage on critical hits
  • (self) Kree Speed - takes two actions next round

Team-Up Bonuses




Distaff Counterpart - Aquaman


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