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"I, Prince Russcorn, have been playing the arcade racer Sugar Rush for a while. But I don't remember the Barbaric Machine Clan Gaiark being there at all! And they're polluting the game's environment! Meet this SO's reward hero: Vanellope von Schweetz. Everypony in the arcade loves her as a glitch racer. She'll ride with you here along with my other fighters."

Mission 1: Candy Land Pollution

Enemies: UgatzFautsoLava Bubble

Miniboss 1: Drill Banki

Team-Up: Drill Man

Miniboss 2: Hammer Banki

Team-Up: Amy Rose

Miniboss 3: Horonderthal

Team-Up: Donkey Kong

Boss: Yogostein

Team-Up: Vanellope

Deploys: 2 bruisers, Fluttershy, Saxton Hale, Wreck-It Ralph

Mission 2: Cloudy with a chance of Gaiark 

"As Kitaneidas sends his Savage Air Pollution Barbaric Machine Beasts to create poisonous clouds, Rainbow Dash and Tornado Man set out to clear the skies."

Miniboss 1: Dowsing Banki

Team-Up: Rainbow Dash

Miniboss 2: Heater Banki

Team-Up: Rainbow Dash

Miniboss 3: Pyrian Korachek

Team-Up: Tornado Man

Boss: Kitaneidas

Team-Up: Vanellope

Deploys: 1 Scrapper, 1 Tactician, Luigi, Lakilester, Princess Celestia

Mission 3: Mentos The Un-freshmaker

"The Gaiark are polluting the chocolate colored rivers of Sugar Rush. The lakes used to be chocolate cake, but now they're purple poison. Even worse, the Gaiark somehow took control of Aquaman. I've brought a certain sponge to clean the rivers."

Enemies: Ugatz, AmeboidSekil

Miniboss 1: Manhole Banki

Team-Up: SpongeBob

Miniboss 2: Straw Banki

Team-Up: SpongeBob

Miniboss 3: Aquaman

Team-Up: Splash Woman

Boss: Kegareshia

Team-Up: Vanellope

Mission 4: 

Minibosses: Yogostein, Kitaneidas, and Kegareshia

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