Calhoun dialogue


Bio: Traumatized by the events of her first wedding, Sergeant Tamara Calhoun leads her battalion in Hero's Duty with true force, honor, and dignity. Tough as a nail, she fights every battle to its fullest, never backing down or relying on other people. That is, until she successfully married Fix-It Felix. She still leads her troops into battle against the vicious Cybugs, but is not as cocky, hardheaded, or stubborn. Calhoun now fights for all people, as long as killing Cybugs is on the agenda.

Character Info

Calhoun battle

Battle Sprite

Name: Sergeant Calhoun

Class: Blaster

Outfit: Hero's Duty Sergeant Calhoun

Stats: hp 3/5, stam 2/5, att 4/5, def 3/5, acc 5/5, evas, 4/5

Organization: Disney Animation

Passive 1: Dynamite Gal - Every time hit, gains a new buff. When attacked 4 times, unleashes a full-scale attack.

Passive 2: Master Marksman - Attacks always hit... Most of the time.

Sub-Passive: Game Mode(Shared with any Spawn Point Character)


Calhoun portrait

1. Target Acquired - Single Enemy - Gun, Ranged

Abilities: Guaranteed Hit, True Strike

Debuffs: Targeted, Target Focus

2. Ammo Swap - Multi-Function(2 rd cd, shared)

  • 2A: Ice Bullets - Adds Chilled and Coldsnap to all attacks.
  • 2B: Fireballs - Adds Burning and Combustible to all attacks.
  • 2C: Shocking Charge - Adds Static Charge and Electric to all attacks.
  • 2D: Normal Bullets - Adds increased damage and chance to crit to all attacks.
    • NOTE: All Ammos are passive, and cannot be removed. Begins fight with Normal Bullets.

3. Quadro-Cannon - Single Enemy - Gun, Ranged(4 Hits, 1 rd cd)

Abilities: Deadly Crits, Follow-up(50%)

Debuffs: Pressure Points, Disadvantage

4. Outrage! - AoE - Gun, Ranged

Abilities: Paragon Exploiter, Deadly Crits

Debuffs: Shell Shocked

Team-Up Bonuses

Wreck It Ralph- Hero's Duty Scene-0

Wreck It Ralph- Hero's Duty Scene-0

Average Joes

Big Guns

Debbie Downers

Fully Armed

Hot Stuff - See L2 Attack

Patriot - Her "country" is Hero's Duty

Vendetta - against Cybugs