Capable and athletic, Rainbow Dash lives for adventure! When any problem should arise that involves traveling to distant lands or dealing with a magical, mysterious beast, Rainbow is the first to volunteer! Brave and bold, anypony who has ever seen this rainbow-haired Pegasus in the air has been left in jaw-dropped awe of her speed, agility, and, well, her confidence. She's quite positive she's the fastest Pegasus pony alive, and truth be told, she probably is. Yes, she's a bit proud, and a bit mischievous, and often lazy for somepony obsessed with speed, but when the chips are down, and danger is a-brewing, Rainbow Dash always, always comes through, proving time and time again that she is a true hero!
1139px-Canterlot Castle Rainbow Dash 3

Recruitment quote

Your team needs to be about 20% cooler. Count me in!


Hoof-to-Hoof Protocol: Scrapper

Weather Control Protocol: Blaster


Blazing Speed - 20% chance to avoid any attack

Flying - immune to ground attacks


Level 1 - Punch And Kick

  • Unarmed Melee
  • One Enemy
  • 4 hits
  • (Enemy) Combo Setup - next unarmed attack does more damage to this unit
  • (Enemy) Pressure Points - causes either Weakened, Dizzy, Slowed, or Exposed

Level 2 - Weather Control Protocol

  • Buff Self
  • (special) Quick Action - does not consume a turn
  • (Special) Weather Control Protocol - Rainbow Dash becomes a Blaster and uses ranged attacks

Level 6 - Sonic Rainboom

  • Unarmed Melee
  • One enemy
  • Cooldown: 2 rounds
  • (Self) Kree Speed - will take two actions next round
  • (Special) Exploits Combos - does extra damage to enemies with Combo Setup
  • (Special) Deadly Crits - deals extra damage on critical hits
  • (special) Speedy Attack - does extra damage while Agile

Level 9 - Sonic Rainnuke

  • Melee Explosion
  • All Enemies
  • Cooldown: 3 rounds
  • (Special) Catastrophic - always hits and cannot be protected against
  • (Special) High Crits - high chance of critical hits
  • (Special) Paragon Exploiter - does extra damage to enemies with Combo Setup, Weakened, Dizzy, Exposed, or Slowed

Level 1 - Lightning

  • Ranged Electric Energy
  • One Enemy
  • (Special) Deadly Crits - deals extra damage on critical hits
  • (Enemy) Lock-On - taking extra damage from Ranged attacks
  • (All enemies) Static charge - other electric attacks will chain to this target, causing extra damage.

Level 2 - Hoof-to-Hoof Protocol

  • Buff Self
  • (special) Quick Action - does not consume a turn
  • (Special) Hoof-to-Hoof protocol - Rainbow Dash becomes a Scrapper and uses Melee attacks

Level 6 - Rain on Their Parade

  • Ranged Water
  • One Enemy
  • (enemy) Waterlogged - reduces evasion but prevents burning
  • (enemy) Extinguished - Fire and Energy attacks do less damage

Level 9 - Tornado

  • Ranged
  • 3 round cooldown
  • Hits All Enemies
  • (special) Catastrophic - always hits and cannot be protected against
  • (special) Exploit Attrition - does more damage to enemies with damage over time effects

Team-Up Bonuses




Big Mouths

Bodies in Motion

Classy - can change her class

Disco-RD - with Discord

Disharmony - also bring Discord

Distaff Counterpart - to Sonic The Hedgehog

Fall Weather Friends - also bring Applejack

Fashionistas - Rainbow Dash always dresses in style

Feathered Friends

Friendship is Magic - bring two ponies

Hoofing It

Mane 6

Reading Rainbow - with Daring Do


Shinobi - is a ninja in Read It And Weep

Shooting The Breeze

SonDash - also bring Sonic himself