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Long ago, Luna and Celestia were both the rulers of Equestria, a land inhabited by ponies. Every morning, Celestia would raise the sun, and every evening, Luna would raise the moon. Together, they kept the balance perfectly. One day, however, Luna grew jealous: the ponies would be awake to enjoy the day and love, admire, and appreciate Celestia's work, but would always sleep through her far more beautiful night. One day, Luna turned on Celestia, saying she should be the only princess in Equestria, and raised the moon before the bitterness in her heart manifested and transformed her into Nightmare Moon. Celestia did not want to fight Nightmare Moon and told her to lower the moon, but Nightmare Moon said her only royal duty was to destroy Celestia, and shot at her with magic beams, eventually knocking her down. Seeing no other way, Celestia reluctantly used the Elements of Harmony to overpower Nightmare Moon and banish her to the moon, creating the phenomenon known as "the Mare in the Moon" (a unicorn's face imprinted upon the surface of the moon). It is said that in a thousand years, on the longest day of that year, Nightmare Moon will make her return. 
Nightmare Moon

Class: Infiltrator

Gains Combat reflexes when attacking or being attacked by Tacticians. Counters attacks and makes attacks Stealthy. Vulnerable to Scrappers.

When encountered

Remember this day, little ponies, for it was your last. From this moment forth, the night will last forever!


Flying - immune to ground attacks

Princess of the Night - Immune to blinding, Dark Void, and Fear effects. Enemy attacks cannot be Stealthy. All attacks have True Strike.

Strike from Shadows - preemptively counters attacks made by Blinded enemies

Relentless - immune to Stun, Cower, Exhaustion, and Prevention Effects


Night Cannon

  • Ranged Magic Energy
  • Hits One Enemy
  • (enemy) Blinded - next single-target attack has a 50% chance to miss
  • (enemy) Bane - taking extra damage from Magic attacks and effects

Mist Tackle

  • Magic Melee
  • Hits One Enemy
  • (enemy) Pressure Points - causes Weakened, Slowed, Dizzy, or Exposed
  • (self) Phased - avoids all attacks except magic and psychic attacks. Removed after attacking.

Fear me!

  • Debuff
  • Hits All Enemies
  • (special) Subtle - does not trigger most status effects
  • (enemy) Fear Me! - causes random Fear effects


  • Ranged Energy Electric
  • Hits All Enemies
  • (special) Catastrophic - always hits and cannot be protected against

Blood Moon Slash

  • Kinetic Slashing Ranged
  • Hits all enemies
  • (Special) Catastrophic - Always hits and cannot be protected against
  • (Enemies) Bleeding - takes damage every turn or when attacking
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