Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059
Attack Buff
 Can be used to perform different actions.
Attack Buff
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059
 Can be used to perform different actions.


Name Action(s) Functions
Ada Wong Icon 1
Ada Wong
Ada Wong-Crossbow Crossbow Ada Wong-Arrow Shot Arrow Shot
Ada Wong-Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrow
Astro-Girl Icon 1
Astro-Girl-Ol' Trusty Ray-Gun Ol' Trusty Ray-Gun Astro-Girl-Gamma Mode Gamma Mode
Astro-Girl-Stun Mode Stun Mode
Astro-Girl-Zap Mode Zap Mode
Astro-Girl-Interstellar Gadgets Interstellar Gadgets Astro-Girl-Cosmic Gatherer Cosmic Gatherer
Astro-Girl-Shield Assault Shield Assault
Astro-Girl-Nanite Med-Lab Nanite Med-Lab
Astro-Girl-Cosmic Powered Arsenal Cosmic Powered Arsenal Astro-Girl-R.J. Blazigun R.J. Blazigun
Astro-Girl-Super-Photon Atom-Charged Eradicator Super-Photon Atom-Charged Eradicator
Astro-Girl-S.S.S. Orbital Attack S.S.S. Orbital Attack
Unknown Icon 1
Catherine de' Medici, Queen of France
Unknown Icon 1 She's got that Poison Unknown Icon 1 Intoxicate
Unknown Icon 1 Snakes in the Battle
Loupi Icon 1
Loupi Icon 2
Loupi-Pump-Action Shotgun Pump-Action Shotgun Loupi-Holy Shells Holy Shells
Loupi-Incendiary Shells Incendiary Shells
Loupi-Nitrogen Shells Nitrogen Shells
Loupi-Swap Power Swap Power Loupi-Telepathy Telepathy
Loupi-Telekinesis Telekinesis
Loupi-Pyrokinesis Pyrokinesis
Necromancer Icon
Necromancer-Raise Skeleton Raise Skeleton Necromancer-Raise Warrior Raise Warrior
Necromancer-Raise Archer Raise Archer
Necromancer-Raise Mage Raise Mage
Necromancer-Summon Golem Summon Golem Necromancer-Summon Clay Golem Summon Clay Golem
Necromancer-Summon Blood Golem Summon Blood Golem
Necromancer-Summon Iron Golem Summon Iron Golem
Necromancer-Summon Fire Golem Summon Fire Golem
Necromancer-Consume Skeleton Consume Skeleton Necromancer-Consume Warrior Consume Warrior
Necromancer-Consume Archer Consume Archer
Necromancer-Consume Mage Consume Mage
Paige Matthews Icon 1
Paige Matthews
Paige Matthews-Book of Shadows Book of Shadows Paige Matthews-Invincibility Spell Invincibility Spell
Paige Matthews-To Call for a Spirit To Call for a Spirit
Paige Matthews-The Power of Three The Power of Three
Phoebe Halliwell Icon 1
Phoebe Halliwell
Phoebe Halliwell-Book of Shadows Book of Shadows Phoebe Halliwell-Smart Spell Smart Spell
Phoebe Halliwell-Protection Spell Protection Spell
Phoebe Halliwell-The Power of Three The Power of Three
Piper Halliwell Icon 1
Piper Halliwell
Piper Halliwell-Book of Shadows Book of Shadows Piper Halliwell-Fearless Spell Fearless Spell
Piper Halliwell-Seduction Spell Seduction Spell
Piper Halliwell-The Power of Three The Power of Three
Prue Halliwell Icon 1
Prue Halliwell
Prue Halliwell-Book of Shadows Book of Shadows Prue Halliwell-Charm of Multiplicity Charm of Multiplicity
Prue Halliwell-Good Luck Spell Good Luck Spell
Prue Halliwell-The Power of Three The Power of Three
Silver Samurai Icon 1
Silver Samurai
Unknown Icon 1 Samurai Tactics Unknown Icon 1 Offensive Measures
Unknown Icon 1 Defensive Measures
Sorceress Supreme Spiral Icon
Sorceress Supreme Spiral
Spiral-Arcane Arts Arcane Arts Spiral-Witch Arm Witch Arm
Spiral-Soul Arm Soul Arm
Spiral-Eldritch Arm Eldritch Arm
Spiral-Martial Arts Martial Arts Spiral-Katana Arm Katana Arm
Spiral-Soulsword Arm Soulsword Arm
Spiral-Sai Arm Sai Arm
Spiral-Spells of the Vishanti Spells of the Vishanti Spiral-All Seeing Eye of Agamotto All Seeing Eye of Agamotto
Spiral-Oshtur Strengthening Spell Oshtur Strengthening Spell
Spiral-Sleeping Spell of Hoggoth Sleeping Spell of Hoggoth
Tetsab Icon 1
Tetsab Icon 2
Tetsab-Arsenal of the Gods Arsenal of the Gods Tetsab-Acinaces of Horus Acinaces of Horus
Tetsab-Scythe of Ptah Scythe of Ptah
Tetsab-Khopesh of Sekhmet Khopesh of Sekhmet
Touti Frutti Icon 1
Touti Frutti Icon 3
Touti Frutti
Touti Frutti-Game Controller Game Controller Touti Frutti-Laser Show Laser Show
Touti Frutti-Disco Ball Drop Disco Ball Drop
Touti Frutti-My Game, My Rules My Game, My Rules
Touti Frutti-Survivor's Quiver Survivor's Quiver Touti Frutti-Charged Arrow Charged Arrow
Touti Frutti-Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrow
Touti Frutti-Smoke Arrow Smoke Arrow
Touti Frutti-Poison Arrow Poison Arrow
Warlock Icon 1
Warlock-Techno-Organic Arsenal Techno-Organic Arsenal Warlock-Techno-Organic Blast Techno-Organic Blast
Warlock-Techno-Organic Scythe Techno-Organic Scythe
Warlock-Techno-Organic Hammer Techno-Organic Hammer
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