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Marvel Avengers Alliance: X-Over is a continuation/sequel of sorts to the end of Marvel Avengers Alliance, whereby it will be like a crossover of Marvel with characters from other universes.

Story Synopsis

Following the reparation of reality by Adam Warlock and Phylla-Vell, S.H.I.E.L.D. returns to work fixing things. However signs soon appear of things being amiss such as the appearance of unknown allies and enemies. At the same time, a group of villains are banding together behind the shadows...


Characters from the original game will return in this continuation, with new characters to be added.


Special Operations, PVP Tournaments and Covert Tasks will continue to be implemented. Chapter rewards for the Chapters will include a new hero from the crossover franchises.


Special Operations

PVP Tournaments

  • Adamantium League.png PVP Tournament: Okoye
  • Adamantium League.png PVP Tournament: Gray Fullbuster
  • Adamantium League.png PVP Tournament: Mary Jane Watson
    • Reward Hero: Mary Jane (Agentk) Icon 1.pngMary Jane Watson