8-Bit Set

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Fix-It Hammer: Ally - Heal

Remove Debuffs, Heal 50% Hp

Heals 50% Stamina too if equipping Calhoun's Blaster

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Calhoun's Blaster: Single Enemy - Gun, Ranged

Debuffs: Weak Point, Radiation

Abilities: Deadly Crits, Ignore Defense

100% chance for Follow-Up Attack if equipping Wreck-It Gloves

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Wreck-It Gloves: Single Enemy - Melee

Buffs: Wrecking - 60% chance to counter melee attacks with this item. Brawl does 20% more damage

Debuffs: Wrecked: Cannot Counter, Follow-Up, or Protect. Melee Damage decreased 40%

Abilities: Catastrophic

Causes Immobilized and counters ranged attacks if agent is holding Candied Remote

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Candied Remote: AoE - Summon, Ranged, Melee

Buffs: Na

Debuffs: Sticky, Slowed, Pummeled, Opportunist

Abilities: Summon Attack, True Strike

Grants team Sugar Rush and Mirror Images if equipping Fix-It Hammer

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