This is the page for gear, consumables and armors. Gears can include such things as Special Operations gear sets, custom gears for PVP tournaments, ideas for standalone gear, etc. Armors would consist of PVP armors or Covert Task rewards. If you make Special Ops Gear sets, make sure to link it to the Spec Ops it comes from. Consumables will only really be if you have Spec Ops/LB stuff, because honestly who makes custom grenades?


Icy Mace

Infested Icy Mace

Gear Sets

Insectum ex Machina: Weapons/TWG, Anewaero

Intergalactic Demon Set/Truelegden

Pack-a-Punch Weapon Set/Truelegden

Special Operations - Impossible Feats/Gear/Truelegden

The Cyborg Set/PowerlessPaul

The Galaxy Weapon Set/PowerlessPaul

Mann & Sons Co. Set/LordRemiem

Special Operations - DOTA2 vs League of Legends/Gear

SHIELD Armory Set/Goldencahill


Brawl Editing PVP Armors/Goldencahill

Agent Symbiotic Power Armors/Vision0


Functional ISO-8 (F-ISO)/Goldencahill