FROZEN - Let It Go Sing-along Official Disney HD

FROZEN - Let It Go Sing-along Official Disney HD

Bio: Elsa, the Queen of Arrendle, was born with spectacular powers over ice. One night, however, she accidentaly injured her sister, Anna, with a powerful blast to the head. Since that day, she feared her powers, and instead of learning to control them, she hid from them. One day, her emotions got the best of her, and she used them to turn the world into an eternal winter. Though it only lasted around 8 hours. Learning that love thaws, Elsa has moved on from her fears, let her emotions free, and strives to do good using her powers, for the benefit of her kingdom, her nation, and the world.

Character Info

Battle sprite elsa

Elsa's Battle Sprite

Name: Elsa

Class: Blaster (Arrendelle: Blaster or Tactician)

Outfit: Snow Queen Elsa

Alternate Outfit: Arrendelian Queen Elsa


Arrendele Queen Elsa

Stats: hp = 3/5, stam = 2/5, att = 3/5, def = 3/5, acc = 4/5, evas = 3/5

Organization(s): Disney Animation

Passive 1: Icy(team)- chills on touch

Passive 2: The Snow Queen: Immune to all ice related debuffs

Passive 3(Arrendelle): The Fears that Once controlled Me: Immune to Fear Effects.



Elsa's Portrait Art

Snow glowing

Move 1: The Snow Glows White: Single Enemy - Ice,ranged

Buffs: None

Debuffs: Remove Buffs, Chilled

Abilities: Coldsnap

Conceal dont feel

Move 2: Conceal, Don't Feel: Self, Buff, 1 round CD

Buffs: Coneal, Don't Feel(golden): Increases Stats - one stack removed each time an attack is used

Let it go

Move 3: Let it GO!: AoE - Ice,Explosion,Ranged 3r CD

Buffs: Potential Unleashed

Debuffs: Eternal Winter: Acts like Pain Train, but has Frozen>Deathfrost>Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart: Acts as Wide-open, Lock-On, and Incapacitation

Consumes all CDF to deal extra Damage

The snow glows white

Move 4: Let the Storm Rage On: Self - Heal,Buff 3r CD

Buff 1: The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway(lasts 2r)(golden)

Let it GO! has a 50% for a follow-up attack

Buff 2: Here i'll Stand...(automatic): Gives a minor healing effect +

...And HERE ill stay!(lasts 2r): heals hp and stam per turn and removes a debuff every turn.

Team-Up Bonuses

Elsa dialogue

Elsa's Dialogue Artwork

Chill Out


League of Royals