Originally found at User blog:Vision0/Blink hero idea for the game This one With the alt in the main picture:
Class: Infiltrator
Cost: Spec op(you'll see what i mean later...)
Attack :800
Defense :2000
Accuracy :1900
Evasion :3000
Passive Skills:
Teleportation - Has a chance(50%) to avoid an attack.
Blink holes - Has a chance(20%) to dodge all ranged attacks and cause them return to the attacker.
Teleportation rift - Will use teleportation on allies.(10%)

LV 1: In the blink of an eye
LV 2: Don't Blink
LV 6: Blink Contest
LV 9: Banish from here!

Skill1: In the blink of an eye
Target : One enemy
Total damage : 245 - 299
Hit\Critical : 94%\40%
# of hits: 1
Type : Energy Slashing Ranged
Animation: Blink teleports an energy javelin(like in her main photo in the article) at the enemy.
Ethereal Strike
Summon Attack(she summons these javelins, so...)
Teleporting Range - Causes too far and immobilized.
Teleport Javelin - Splitted between two different locations, causing cosmic divide.
Cosmic Divide on blink

Skill2: Don't Blink
Target : Self
Cooldown: 3 rounds (start cooldown of 2 rounds)
Hit\Critical : 100%
# of hits: 1
Type : Buff
Animation: Blink flees and teleports herself.
Flee - Fleeing from combat. returns with an extra turn, full health and no debuffs once an ally died or once this is removed.(2 rounds)
Lead The Charge(but she flees away after this,so..)
Teleportation Blink - Causes disorianted on enemies with either too far or immobilized.

Skill3: Blink Contest
Target : All enemies
Total damage : 400 - 450
Hit\Critical : 94%\40%
# of hits: 4
Type : Ranged Slashing Energy
Animation: Blink is doing the same thing in level 1 but four times on all enemies.
Ethereal strike
Summon Attack(she summons these javelins, so...)
Teleport javelin
Cosmic divide on blink
Teleported - All allies gains summon attack in their next attack on enemies with disorianted,immobilized or too far. (it just gives them to attack when blink teleports them)

Skill4: Banish from here!
Target : One enemy
Cooldown: 3 rounds(3 rounds start cooldown)
Total damage : 500 - 548
Hit\Critical : 94%\30%
# of hits: 1
Type : Debuff
Animation: Blink teleports the target and split it into pieces while it is teleported.
Fatal blow
Banished - Banished to an unknown reality, if target won't die from the attacks, it will be back in the combat after 2 rounds with all of her debuffs and a lower health, gains life damage in every turn she is in a different dimension.
Unknown reality - Blink has teleported this target to an unknown reality, which may result in a visit of a creature from that reality when target returns. the visit will attack all,visitors may possibly be: demons,dark elves,frost giants,sentinels,test subjects,hydra,mindless ones and in extreme cases, deadpool.
Teleportation Breakdown - Next turn, blink can't use any summon attack. cosmic divide will be removed from all after the next turn of blink. drains half of blink's stamina.

what do you think? i tried not to make her op.

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