Bio: Bilbo Baggins is a Hobbit of the Shire, born on September 22nd in the year 2890 (1290 Shire Reckoning) of the Third Age of Middle-earth (using J.R.R. Tolkien's literary timeline). In 2941, the Wizard Gandalf enlisted Bilbo as a burglar for Thorin Oakenshield and Company, Dwarves intent on liberating their ancestral treasure from the dragon Smaug.

Character Info

Name: Bilbo Baggins

Outfit: Modern Bilbo Baggins

Class: Tactician

Stats: Hp 3/5, stam 4/5, att 3/5, def 2/5, acc 4/5, evas 3/5

Passive 1: Burglar - Attacks are Stealthy.

Passive 2: Chainmail Armor - Takes reduced damage from Melee and Slashing attacks. Immune to Bleeding.


1. Sting - Single Enemy - Melee, Slashing(4 hits)

Debuffs: Bleeding, Tenderized, Exposed

2. Pickpocket - Single Enemy - N/A(1 rd cd)

Abilities: Boon Buster

Debuffs: Pickpocket - Steals 1-3 buffs from targeted enemy.

3. Riddles in the Dark - Single Enemy - Melee, Slashing(2 rd cd)

Abilites: Exploit Tenderized, Phased Advantage

Debuffs: Ravaged, Disoriented

4. The Ring - Self - Buff, Debuff

Abilities: Subtle

Buffs: Phased, Surprise Attack

  • Surprise Attack - Invisible Woman's version + Fumbling on next Attack.

Team-Up Bonuses


Average Joes





You Have My Sword

Special Iso-8

Thieving(Ai8) - Picpoket now steals 2-4 buffs and is QA

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