Hero Information


  • Commissioner's Daughter - Has the Boys in Blue's Backs. Chance to be protected by Gothom's Police. Can be cancelled out by any opportunist debuff
  • Skilled Detective, Ninja, you get the Idea - Chance to Dodge Incoming Attacks
    • Has the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Scrapper and Infiltrator
    • Chance to preemptively counter attacks after dodging this way.
    • Counter and Follow Up Attacks Deal 15% more Damage.


  1. Batterang. Type - Ranged Slashing. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Pressure Points, Blinded. Special Abilties - Stealthy, True Strike, Exploits Delirium
  2. Volting Jump. Type - Melee. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Disadvantage, Hobbled, Staggered. Special Abilities - High Crits, Exploit Opportunity. Buff - Steadfast.
  3. Batterang Claws. Type - Slashing Melee Ranged. Debuff - Bleeding, Ravaged. Special Abilities - Exploits Bleeds, Follow Up Attack.
  4. Utility Belt. Multi-Function. Target - All Enemies
    1. Smoke Pellit. Type - Buff Debuff. Debuff - Blinded, Disoriented. Buff - Hidden in Smoke(AA).
    2. EMP-erang. Type - Debuff. Debuff - Fried Circuits, Obsolete Tech.
    3. Hallucinogen Spray. Type - Debuff. Debuff - Rapid Psychotics, Mind Control.
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