Armored Armadillo is an armadillo-type Maverick in Mega Man X. He was a Maverick Hunter from the 8th Armored Division under Sigma and was a very loyal soldier. When his master rebelled against humankind, he followed suit only to be loyal.

Dialogue when encountered

Armored Armadillo: I am under strict orders to protect this mine...

X: You don't need to take orders from someone like Sigma! He's insane! Open your eyes, Armored Armadillo!

Armored Armadillo: Whether he's insane or not... It's not my place to judge him. I must obey!

X: Looks like you've gone Maverick! I'm taking you out!

Armored Armadillo: Enough talk. I'm ready to obey my orders.

When he wins

Armored Armadillo: I stand victorious. That is why I obeyed my orders.

Class: Bruiser

Blasters always Critical Hit him

When he attacks or is attacked by a Scrapper, AA becomes Enraged


Reploid - immune to Bleeding, Poison, Bio Attacks, and Fried Circuits

Steel Armor - halves all non-electric damage taken

Energy absorption - counters Energy attacks with Energy Pulse

Relentless - immune to Stun, Cower, Exhaustion, and Prevention effects


Rolling Shield


Hits one enemy

(Self) Rising Up - gains either Strengthened, Fortified, Agile, or Focused

Shield Bash


Hits One Enemy

(enemy) Pressure Points - causes either Weakened, Slowed, Dizzy, or Exposed

Head Cannon

Energy Ranged

Hits One Enemy

(enemy) Lock-On - taking extra damage from Ranged attacks

(counterattack) Energy Pulse

Energy Ranged

Hits All Enemies

(special) Catastrophic - always hits and cannot be protected against